CriKit MicroServers are Green

The US Micro PC, CriKit MicroServer is at the leading edge of MicroServer technology.

It is compact, quiet, powerful and extremely energy-efficient. A single CriKit MicroServer can run multiple virtual machines with ease and be combined to create sophisticated and complex solutions, like the CriKit Desktop Private Cloud

Further, a single CriKit MicroServer system draws less then 60 Watts in operation. This means that organizations can easily reduce the amount of electricity they consume and can reduce their Carbon Footprint compared to older, less energy-efficient systems.

The secret to the energy-efficiency and powerful computing ability is the combined use of the 64 Bit Intel Xeon E31260L processor and Solid State Drives (SSD). Until just recently this combination was not even possible in such a small form factor. Further, because the CriKit MicroServer comes standard with 16 GB of RAM, consolidation of multiple older servers that currently use 2-8 GB of RAM are possible on the CriKit MicroServer. Imagine, you can now consolidate multiple old noisy, energy hogging servers onto a single compact, quiet, energy-efficient server on a desktop. If it seems to good to be true, it isn’t. We have run thousands of man-hours of tests on the CriKit MicroServers in individual and cloud configurations where they routinely run multiple virtual machines and have created YouTube videos to demonstrate the power of these innovative systems. You can view the videos here.

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